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Technical Office

Opersis' technical office collaborates with clients to achieve the best results in their projects.
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The Opersis team is constantly improving and updating its work system, continuously adapting to the latest software.

Our team knows all the necessary tools to find the best solutions for drywall design. We are able to use and master every surface and volume treatment program, and we keep up to date with computer innovations in 2D and 3D. The company has internal and external personnel trained to solve technical and engineering difficulties, as well as analyze the commissioned projects and solve substructure calculations.

Opersis studies each case and graphically represents the results to use them in the project later on. We also coordinate every project so that the partial and final planning is executed efficiently and within the established timeframe.

Logistics and technical expertise are a priority. We provide valid spokesmen at every level: officer, manager, building technician, architect and engineer, depending on the needs of each job site.

Opersis is committed to guaranteeing success and offers a professional, efficient and rigorous quality service, without deviating from the timeframe or budget.

Product sheets

Product sheets of some common systems

Shop drawings

Shop drawings made on site by the technical team

Detail sheets

Detail sheets made with preshaped pieces