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Safety and Quality

They are the most important things in a proper job site.
Opersis > Safety and Quality

Opersis has taken on complex assignments in emblematic buildings from world-renowned architects, respecting the project of each architect and contributing structural and aesthetic solutions.

In accordance with the Spanish Labor Risk Prevention Law (Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales (31/1995)), Opersis meets the safety requirements for the employees directly hired by our company or by subcontracted companies. Opersis’ prevention plan follows the Internal Safety Plan by PREGLOSA S. L. We periodically check that it is being followed within the set timeline and by the person in charge, and we establish a register for the action planning and the information provided to the workers. All of them must know how to use the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The workers’ delegates must always be informed of any action.


The basic topics of the training are:

  • Operating procedures
  • Risks in each job position
  • Choice and usage of PPE
  • Emergency plan

The bases of safe construction are:

  • Adapting the work to the individual
  • Placing the collective measures ahead of the individual ones
  • Adapting the technique for the project


The subcontracted companies will need to submit, at the beginning of the construction, the following documents:

  • RNT and RLC (official documents from the Spanish Social Security System), photocopies of every worker’s ID and their registration with social security
  • Civil liability and work accident insurance
  • Training and information about prevention provided to their workers
  • Health monitoring provided to their workers
  • Documents that prove every worker has been provided with the proper Personal Protective Equipment